I swear, I will never drink again


Choa threw a party last night to say thanks to the guys that helped him till, fertilize and plant the next crop. Looks like one of the guests partied just a bit too much  🙂

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Choa Had An Idea !

Choa decided to cut down a couple of trees that were close to the shop.  Since we have been having high winds and rains he did not want the trees to fall and hit the roof of the shop.  Well, he did manage to get the trees down.


Of course along with the trees coming down he also took out the power lines and poles.  What a fun morning  🙂


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We Had A Touch Of Rain Last Night




Just a touch of rain last night…….ALL NIGHT !  The road out in front of the house got flooded again. Water as you can see is about hip deep.  The lower part of the driveway is completely under water.


This is the pond in front of the house and it is , at this time, about 18″ from cresting.  I do not think it will make it though.


We use a well system here, not that you could find it.  The top of the well and the cover to the well are right underneath that blue PVC pipe..  See it  🙂  This will be fun the next couple of days getting it cleaned out.  When the rainy season is over I will  fix that problem but now I just have to deal with it.



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Update From The Hospital

I went back for a followup today and it all looks good.  Dr dropped the medication from 6 tablets a day to 1 and that is just for one month.  I am pleased with the outcome.

Thanks all for the good wishes


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It has been an interesting week. On Tuesday I started feeling a bit flush and dizzy so I decided to go to the doctor to see what was wrong. He said I had a rapid heart rate and needed to go to the hospital for an EKG.  This is what I did and sure enough I did have a rapid heart rate.  He gave me some medication and told me to rest for 30 minutes to see if the rate decreased.  It did and I was feeling OK.

After I got back home I decided to go to Pattaya and speak with a specialist so an appointment was made for Friday AM.  When I got there they did another EKG and saw that the rate was 140.  Normal is around 60.  When they saw this they wheeled me into a treatment room to give me an injection to slow down the rate.  It did, but only by 10 points. Since that did not really work an angiogram was done. No blockage was found. 

Now, not that I am concerned and worried at this point, they wanted give my heart a shock treatment so the rate would drop back down close to normal.  I agreed and they put me to sleep for just a short spell, maybe 10 minutes, and preformed the procedure.  That brought the heart rate down to 70 so it worked.  I stayed in Cardiac Critical Care for the afternoon and then transferred to regular room in the afternoon and night so that I could be monitored.  I was released the next morning with a weeks worth of medication and will do a followup this coming Thursday.

Stressful Week To Say The Least

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Did You Know …


Did you know that you have to burn the hair off of rats before you can cook them.  I did not know that.  Yukkkk


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Another Fun Songkran In Rural Thailand

We got lucky today. As it turned out it was a bit overcast with a nice breeze, not blistering hot like yesterday. This made it a lot more fun for us to get out into the fun of the Songkran water play. We ended up going into town and eating lunch and while there watched all the traffic go by.




Unfortunately on the way back we were getting splashed beyond belief so I had to put the camera away. Well, maybe next year.

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