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I swear, I will never drink again


Choa threw a party last night to say thanks to the guys that helped him till, fertilize and plant the next crop. Looks like one of the guests partied just a bit too much  🙂

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Choa Had An Idea !

Choa decided to cut down a couple of trees that were close to the shop.  Since we have been having high winds and rains he did not want the trees to fall and hit the roof of the shop.  Well, he did manage to get the trees down.


Of course along with the trees coming down he also took out the power lines and poles.  What a fun morning  🙂


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We Had A Touch Of Rain Last Night




Just a touch of rain last night…….ALL NIGHT !  The road out in front of the house got flooded again. Water as you can see is about hip deep.  The lower part of the driveway is completely under water.


This is the pond in front of the house and it is , at this time, about 18″ from cresting.  I do not think it will make it though.


We use a well system here, not that you could find it.  The top of the well and the cover to the well are right underneath that blue PVC pipe..  See it  🙂  This will be fun the next couple of days getting it cleaned out.  When the rainy season is over I will  fix that problem but now I just have to deal with it.



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Did You Know …


Did you know that you have to burn the hair off of rats before you can cook them.  I did not know that.  Yukkkk


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It Just Did Not Taste Right

Choa was nice enough to make breakfast for me  yesterday.  He knows I like soft scrambled eggs, crisp bacon and grits.  He brings me the plate and the first thing I notice is that there is a lot of  bacon on it and fried crisp.  I figured he was trying to finish off the package so I  didn’t think too much more about it until I started to eat it.  It  just did not taste right at all.  I tried another piece, a small one because the last thing I want to do is get sick, and it was no different.  Better safe than sorry so I just left it and finished the rest of the plate.

That afternoon I was getting hungry again so I thought I would make a sandwich from some of the lunch meats I had bought at Big C a couple of days before.  I looked and looked but it was gone.   Have you ever eaten crispy fried corned beef for breakfast.  Don’t  , it is terrible.


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A Welcome Home Gift

Choa and I had barely made it back home when we had company drop by with a Welcome Home Gift.  Little Bit had been fishing and brought me his catch of the day.  He was able to hold on to the smaller one but the other one scared him and it got a way.  Oh well.  It is good to be home  🙂


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Pushed Shoved and Nudged

It has been over a year and a half since I have made a post.  As it was turning out Choa and I were spending more time in Pattaya than here at the house.  I had decided not to post while in Pattaya because all the of the happenings and events were already being posted by other sources and I saw no sense in duplicating information.  As it turned out when we were at home nothing much different or unusual was going on so I did not really have anything to  post about.  It does get old posting and reading about the weather and crops that are being planted.

Recently I’ve been given a nudge and a shove to start posting again.  Ok, I will give it a go but as I am sure most people know that coming up with new and somewhat interesting stuff is not an easy task.  Patience is appreciated as I try to get back into the swing of things.



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