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It Is Starting To Feel Like Home Again

David is more at ease now. Water problem has been fixed, drapes are up but most of all he has a nice strong internet connection. All that is left now is to clean up the construction area around the bungalow and paint the outside.

Choa has taken the bungalow at the far end and turned it into his own little den, so to speak. He has moved his computer, TV, Dvd player and all his speakers. That works for me because I no longer have large speakers sitting on the patio of the house. I asked him why he did that and was told the bungalow needed some “little fixes” and he would do them while he was in there.

Songkran starts up here on the 12th and I am sure it will be a blast as it is nothing like Pattaya at all. We still have the splashing of water and such but not water cannons and no drunk farang (foreigners). Hope to have some nice photos of the festival.

So after a semi hectic week we are finally getting settled in and it feels good to be home.

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Just When I Thought

Just when I thought everything was starting to come into place, the well ran dry. That is right, dry. Seems we needed to get a longer line down into the well so we can get to more water. So after scooping out all the mud at the bottom of the holding tank and then clearing the mud out of the well the longer line was install. It took all day and at about 9PM or so we finally had water. If it is not one thing up here, it is another for sure.

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Seems we were a bit misinformed. When we arrived back home the bungalow was not quite finished and that did cause a bit of a problem. It did not help that the work crew were sitting on the patio of the bungalow starting an early evening drink-a-thon. We have a renter for the bungalow who was with us along with 2 other friends That makes 2 truck loads of personal stuff and now there was really no good place to unload it so it would be secure. We were also told the other bungalows were clean. Hummm…. A quick check of the other bungalows showed that some quick cleaning needed to be done to accommodate everyone that was with us. Dealing with stress does not make Choa a very happy camper not to mention what it does to me. We managed to get it all worked out to moderate satisfaction and after a big meal we all crashed.

Next morning final touches were started and by the end of the afternoon we could start moving the bed, wardrobe, etc into the bungalow and then moved some of the personal stuff. It was a long day.

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Choa has been messing around the outside of the house and the bungalow area. He has been gardening and doing a nice job of it too I might add. It all looks really nice. Now if I can just get him to clean up the trash and junk. Oh well, one step at a time.



Choa was not content to leave the shop the way it was so he decided to remodel the front of the building to add a Noodle stand..  Actually, it turned out pretty well




Choa got the Cafe opened up on the 10th and he hasn’t slowed down much since then.  On the 10th final stuff in the kitchen was being done and some help was taking a break

People started show up way to early but they were a bit thirsty so why not.

As night time rolled around people starting showing up for the BBQ.  Then the party started.

It has been like this for the last 4 days and Choa is a bit tired.. But this is what he wanted, now he has it 🙂



A Little Bit More Has Been Done

A couple of weeks have passed by and some work has been completed but not as much as I would have liked to of seen.. Seems parties, weddings, fishing and corn planting has gotten in the way.They have managed to get the kitchen walls up and shelves built. Table and chairs were delivered, before I knew it was going to happen, and now they are just sitting there in the way since nothing has been finished..  Frustration runs high 🙂 🙂

We have most of the dishes and kitchen equipment bought and the double door fridge is due today.  We leave for Pattaya tomorrow for 10 days and I need to get away.Oh, any idea what the cook and his helper wanted to fix me for dinner??

RAT   NOT !!!!!!!