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The Water is Cold

We had been in Pattaya for awhile when Choa got a call he needed to come back to the village.  Seems an elderly man who he had know all of his life had died.  Since he was only going to be gone for about 3 days I didn’t want to go.  The trip there and back  in such a short period of time would have worn me out.  He decided to ask a friend of his to join him and Mack wanted to go.

After all the funeral arrangements and ceremony was completed there was still a day left for just messing around.  They decided to go to the waterfall since Mack had not seen it.  This is a good time of year to go, rainny season brings much water 🙂

It had been rainning earlier in the day and that along with the volume of water falling caused there to be alot of mist in the air which of course shows up in the photo.  That does make for an intersting backdrop though.

If you look close enough you can make out 3 people sitting.

Since other people had gone in the water, why shouldn’t they 🙂

Looks like they had a good time but Damn, I bet it was cold

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While a backhoe operator was working on digging out an area to install a pond he ran across what the village seems to believe to be two very old boats that were buried in the ground.  Upon inspection everyone came to the conclusion that the boats were between 150 and 200 years old.  This was a lucky find so everyone gathered to bless the boats and see if they could find some lucky lottery numbers written or scratched into the wood.. Would you believe.

Flowers were laid on the ground and the boats to try and insure the best luck for finding  good numbers.  As you can see from the amount of flowers placed that the people are really serious.

Now that the flowers are place and the prayers said it is time to start looking for the numbers. As the people look they place pieces of  gold leaf on the spots where they believe to of  found lucky numbers. If you look and use a little imagination you can see some numbers

Looks like 070 and 160 are the lucky numbers Choa found.  I wish him luck

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today is the day

Today is the day that Choa has been waiting for.  The corn was harvested today and is on the way now to the wholesaler to see how much he is going to get.  I’m interested to see what the Net is going to be after all his expenses.  Any rate, he is happy.


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We did go back out later in the afternoon and things had really picked up.  We were having so much fun that I never took the camera out of the case until we were headed back and I saw this. Seems the Monks were out collecting for the local Wat.

This guy wasn’t really too sure about the camera

That’s it for this year and I am just beat



Today is the big day for Songkran up here in Khlong Lan. The people were milling around fairly early but they still were not in the full swing of things yet. That will come about 2PM. We had gotten all the way into town this morning with just one little bit of water from a small water pistol. That was to change. This little devil in the pickup truck just keep smiling at me as I was eating inside the open-air food stall.  He had that look that says ” I’m going to get you ”   He did.  As we were leaving he tossed a bucket of water on me. I could not get the picture because I had my back to him.

Traffic was starting to pick up a bit in town and as the trucks rolled in, it got wetter.

As we started back home people had started setting up there attack stations in preparation for the fun ahead. They did not have to wait long because the traffic was starting to build.

I don’t know how we managed it but we make it the rest of the way home without getting wet.  Choa said it was too slow and that we should go out again later in the afternoon.  Looks like I am going to get wet again




Songkran is in full swing now and it looks like it is going to be a fun filled day. Choa and I had no more left the little soi we live on and we ran into 2 of the cutest kids, brother and sister. They stood there with smiles on their faces and waving us to come to a stop. We did, they tosses 2 small bowls of water. Mother was sitting on the porch laughing for all she was worth.

We don’t get much further down the road and we start to hear loud music. No wonder, look at the size of the speakers on the side of the road.

We continue along and the crowds start to get bigger and of course bigger pails of water so we really get drenched.  See how nice and clean the water is in the last pic.

We keep moving along and the water keeps coming but that is to be expected I guess



Today was the first day of Songkran up here and for the most part the roads and sois were pretty quiet. Choa wanted to head down to a swimming area that is formed from the stream waters of a waterfall. He said many people are always there at the beginning of the holiday.

The area was packed as he said it would be and mostly all families relaxing on the waters edge while the kids played to their hearts content

Even the older kids and family pets got into the water. Can’t let the little ones have all the fun.

These two were having a ball the whole time I was there.  Mr Laid Back and

Mr Hollywood.