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The Still Of The Day

This last week I have been going to Jomtien beach a lot just so I get out of  my room for awhile.  I seem to be spending way to much time doing nothing.  Sad to say but the beach area is very quiet.  When there are plenty of parking spaces for motorbikes and cars  you know it is slow.  There is very little foot traffic on the walkways and most of the chair vendors are almost empty. Roaming vendor numbers are down too so at least you are not constantly bothered by DVD, sunglasses,cap and bedspread peddlers.   Massage boys are still around and that is good thing, at least for me.  An hour massage is 300 baht and very enjoyable while sitting there enjoying what scenery is there.


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Now I Understand

Choa and I were riding down Jomtien Beach Road in Pattaya the other day and I noticed that there was a low tide.  I asked Choa where did all the water go because it was not close to the beach chairs.  He looked at me and smirked “because fish drink all the water”.  I chuckled and had to ask how does the water get back on the beach.  Another smirk  ” Fish Pee Pee because drink too much water”.  Now I understand how tides work  🙂

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Pattaya Visit

Choa and I have been back in Pattaya now for about 2 weeks.  For me it is good to get a decent internet connection and for him he gets to see all of his friends.  It is actually starting to pick up a bit for the beginning of  “High Season”.  I do hope it arrives quickly as to give the business here a need boost from what was a pretty dead “Low Season”.  The weather here has been great with temperatures around 22C  (72F) during the day down to about 20C (68F) at night.  All of the Farang are loving it and the Thai think winter has set in and are wearing  jackets, scarfs and I have seen some with gloves.  They are really cold.

The traffic is starting to get really bad but that is not due to all the visitors arriving.  Seems Pattaya has decided to do more major road work on the main streets right at the begining of the busiest time of the year.  Figures.  Sometimes I just don’t understand their thinking process.  Then again, they don’t understand mine either 🙂

Once you get to Jomtien Beach after driving through all the constrution and the roadwork trash left behind you will find lots of people.  What a difference a month can make.  In September and the first part of  October the beach was rather dead.  It is nice to see the change.


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Jomtien Beach – Pattaya


It is raining up a storm here up in mountains around Pang Tawai and I had a thought that I would like to be at the beach about this time. This is as close as I can get.

The beach usually stays pretty busy but during “Low Season” it does slow down a bit. There are always vendors waking up and down the beach trying to sell you everything from A – Z.

You have hats and small Buddha statues

How about some towels and bed covers

All kinds of food. Fruit, pastry, ice cream, seafood and much much more.

Need a shirt, sunglasses or some Snake Oil to give you “Power”

Of course if you are so inclined you get get a massage right there from one of these guys.

The water at Jomtien is not really the cleanest ive seen but at certain times you can swim and jetski.

But I must say the best part of going to the beach is the people watching.

If your photo is here and you want it removed just send me an email.

Well that was my Jomtien fix for the week. Cya later


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