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Nevada and Back Again

Its the middle of December now and I’m  back in Pattaya from a very short trip to Nevada..  While there I sold my car so I guess I’ve really made up my mind to move here..

However, now a problem has cropped up.  I have always had a problem with my legs due to circulation.  I have had three bypasses to correct this but the problem seem to keep reoccurring.  It started again.. So off to the hospital to get an angiogram to see if a splint can be put in or if another operation was need..  Well it was worse than I expected..  Seems I needed the operation as well as a quadruple bypass on the heart..  Not what I wanted to hear. I mulled this over and decided to have it done here. If I went back to the States there would be no one close to take care of me during recovery..  Sister lives too far away and she still works so I couldn’t ask her for help.

Checked into the hospital on Jan 16, the day I was suppose to fly back to the States. Ooops, missed the flight.  I was in the hospital for 16 days.
Choa worked the shop during the days and spent every night with me at the hospital.  Once I was discharged he was with me practically the entire day at the condo.. This  went on for  about 2 weeks.  I was pretty much helpless and the help was unbelievable.  Thank goodness Robert was back by then he made sure all was OK too..  Looks like I made the right decision to have it done here.

As soon as I felt good enough I flew back to Nevada and as it stands so far it has been the last trip… I was there only about one month to visit some friends and see my sister then it was back to Pattaya.

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Back in Pattaya

Got back to Thailand on Sept 16th and Choa was there to meet me at the airport.. Again hop in the taxi and we are off to Pattaya.  This time I had rented a nicer condo in Yensabai Condo since I was going to be here more than 30 days. We got unpacked and went down to the Pool where he works to see how things were…  It was closed with a note on the gate saying something to the effect that ” Closed due to nonpayment of rent”.
Choa was almost in shock…  He had lost his job by no fault of his own.
I tried to comfort him and let him know it would be OK.. Just take your time finding a new job.

As it turns out a couple of days later the lady that ran the little street side noodle shop at Soi VC and Soi Yensabai was wanting to go home up north and asked Choa if he wanted to buy the shop.  He came to me to see what I thought and 2 days later the shop was his.  I refer to it as the Noodle Emporium..  Its 2 steps above a dump.

After a couple of days of cleaning up the place was ready to go.
Right from the start the shop did OK since he knew practically every one in the neighborhood.. Business was good.

It didn’t take too long before it became a hangout for some expats to sit around in the afternoon , have a drink and solve all the problems of the world..  Of course having a nice view of all the guys headed off to work didn’t hurt either

Things stayed much more normal for the rest of my trip.. Had to return back to Nevada soon.  It was mid November.  I would return in less than 30 days.

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Back Home in Nevada

My trip was over before Robert was scheduled to come back home. He had another month I believe before he made it back.  So here I was at home with all the memories and photos of the fun I had had.  Like I have earlier I didn’t think I would have any desire to go to Thailand or SE Asia.

When Robert got home he started filling me in on all the things he had done after I left..  He mentioned that he had been by to see Choa a couple of times and he was OK and that he was asking about me.  Well this got things stirring again.  Robert wasn’t scheduled to go back till July but I decided I didn’t want to wait that long so I book to return the first of June. Robert was shocked that I was going back so soon and alone.

Robert is a sneaky kind of person.  I didn’t know it but after I was gone he got Choa’s phone number.  One day about a week or so before I was leaving to go back to Pattaya the phone rang.  Robert answered the phone and said it was for me..  It was Choa. We talked for about 10 minutes and I told him I was headed back to Pattaya and gave him the date.  He asked if I wanted him to meet me at the airport..  “oh yes”

I arrived in BKK on time and he was there with a big smile on his face. Made me feel good.  Taxi was there also and we were off to Pattaya for a month. After I got checked in to the Yensabai Manson he headed off to work at the pool and I met him there shortly.  After work he would go to his sisters how where he was living and get clothes and then return to YM.. After a couple of days of this I just told him to go get his clothes if he wished and leave them in the room.  Off he went.

The month went by very fast and decided that I needed to return again. So while in Pattaya I got online and booked a 3 month trip starting in Sept.  Seems I was hooked.

Headed back to Nevada and spent a busy month getting things taken care of there..  Seems I had made up my mind to move to Thailand.

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For some reason I had it in my mind that Pattaya was a large town but really smaller that a city.  As the taxi was getting closer to Pattaya Robert was sitting there with this “Shit eating grin” all over his face.  To say the least I was a bit shocked.. A major city.  So I’m thinking this wont be so bad.  I knew I was going to have a nice vacation. Robert had arranged a room for me at Yensabai Condo and it was ready when we got there.

Everything went as expected for a newbie.  Went to all the bars, saw all the shows and hit the beach many times..  Had several “offs”, learned from my mistakes and then had several more “offs”.  I was getting the knack of this and liked it.  All was good in Pattaya.  Id say a little more than halfway through my 4 week stay I was starting to get tired.  Burn Out I believe it is called.  It got to the point that I didn’t feel like going to the beach.  As luck would have it my room faced Sunee Plaza and was right over Monty’s Pool..  I was on the 5th floor so I had an excellent view.  In the mornings I would stand out on the  patio drinking coffee and watching the employees of the pool getting ready to open.  One of the employees Choa was the manager.  He would see me standing there and wave up to me and saying ” Come on Down”  After about 3 or so days of this , I did.  Hello Choa.

I would go down to the pool just about everyday to sit and talk to Choa and have lunch which was provided by a food cart right outside the entrance.  This went on for about 2 weeks..  Just sitting and talking.  It was getting close to time to head back to the States.  On the night before I left I asked him if he wanted to come up to my room when he closed the pool.  He said yes.  We had great time.  After showering hunger set in so we headed down to a small Thai cafe on Soi VC and ate.. When we finished it was back to the room and to bed.. We both fell sound asleep.

When I woke up the next morning he was gone.  I slept so well that I slept much later than usual..  Went to the balcony and looked down.. He was there getting the pool ready to open.  I went around to see him and give him some money even though he never asked or hinted that he would like some.. Told him bye and that I would probably be back in July or August.  I headed back to Yensabai Condo to start packing but decided to stop and get some breakfast at Sanongs.  While sitting there
Choa walks by headed to the Condo.  I yelled “Hi”.  He comes to me, smiles and hands me a package.  He has taken the money I gave him and bought me two shirts from the market.. At that point he told me to “Take Care” and he left.

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Where Should I Begin This Story ?

It all started when I retired and moved to Nevada to live with a friend of mine.  As it happened he was in Thailand when I moved to Nevada.  He kept telling me I have to come to Pattaya and that I just would not believe it.  I let him know that I had no interest in SE Asia and couldn’t see any reason in going.  He kept on and on till I finally gave in that December in 2005.  Needless to say, he was correct..   Meet Robert, the instigator of all this..  I’m not sure if I should love him or hate him for this 🙂  I think love him!

Everything went fine after we finally located each other at the BKK airport. Seems he was at one exit and I at another.  Not good for me since it was my first time to this country.  But I was lucky as I was being push in a wheelchair by this adorable young man and he went to find Robert for me.  ( I was in a wheelchair at the time because I was having leg problems.  Another story ).  Once we connected it was off in a cab to the Tarntawan. We would stay there a couple of days before heading down to Pattaya.

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