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Another Fun Songkran In Rural Thailand

We got lucky today. As it turned out it was a bit overcast with a nice breeze, not blistering hot like yesterday. This made it a lot more fun for us to get out into the fun of the Songkran water play. We ended up going into town and eating lunch and while there watched all the traffic go by.




Unfortunately on the way back we were getting splashed beyond belief so I had to put the camera away. Well, maybe next year.

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Songkran Has Arrived Up Country

All of the kids have been waiting for Songkran to arrive and now it is here. People are lining the small sois in the villages and towns and the main highway is load with people of all ages tossing water and applying face powder to all those who pass by. This is no where near the same as it is in the larger cities, it is much lower key but all have fun. Here are just a few glimpses of the goings-on up here. Please forgive the tinted photos as they were taken while I was inside the truck and I was not going to lower the window.




As it turned out it was fairly tame today. I will get out in it tomorrow and just get soaked beyond belief. Will get some photos without the windshield tint. Try and stay dry 🙂

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We did go back out later in the afternoon and things had really picked up.  We were having so much fun that I never took the camera out of the case until we were headed back and I saw this. Seems the Monks were out collecting for the local Wat.

This guy wasn’t really too sure about the camera

That’s it for this year and I am just beat



Today is the big day for Songkran up here in Khlong Lan. The people were milling around fairly early but they still were not in the full swing of things yet. That will come about 2PM. We had gotten all the way into town this morning with just one little bit of water from a small water pistol. That was to change. This little devil in the pickup truck just keep smiling at me as I was eating inside the open-air food stall.  He had that look that says ” I’m going to get you ”   He did.  As we were leaving he tossed a bucket of water on me. I could not get the picture because I had my back to him.

Traffic was starting to pick up a bit in town and as the trucks rolled in, it got wetter.

As we started back home people had started setting up there attack stations in preparation for the fun ahead. They did not have to wait long because the traffic was starting to build.

I don’t know how we managed it but we make it the rest of the way home without getting wet.  Choa said it was too slow and that we should go out again later in the afternoon.  Looks like I am going to get wet again




Songkran is in full swing now and it looks like it is going to be a fun filled day. Choa and I had no more left the little soi we live on and we ran into 2 of the cutest kids, brother and sister. They stood there with smiles on their faces and waving us to come to a stop. We did, they tosses 2 small bowls of water. Mother was sitting on the porch laughing for all she was worth.

We don’t get much further down the road and we start to hear loud music. No wonder, look at the size of the speakers on the side of the road.

We continue along and the crowds start to get bigger and of course bigger pails of water so we really get drenched.  See how nice and clean the water is in the last pic.

We keep moving along and the water keeps coming but that is to be expected I guess



I thought I had posted this but guess not. I am really getting dizzy lately




Here are a bunch of random shots I took during  Songkran 2008   It is just madness


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