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Nong Nooch Gardens

In 1954 Mr.Pisit and Mrs. Nongnooch Tansacha bought 1500 rais (approximately 600 acres) of rolling hills and valleys at kilometer marker 163 on Sukhumvit road in Chonburi province. The newly purchased land was anticipated to become a fruit plantation filled with mangoes, oranges, coconuts as well as many other local fruits. But as fate may have it, Mrs. Nongnooch during her trip abroad, was inspired by the beauty of the world-renowned gardens and decided to turn the fruit orchard into a tropical garden of ornamental flowers and plants. At first meant for botanical conservation, the garden was later turned into a tourist attraction fully equipped with Thai style houses, cottages, villas, seminar halls, banquet halls, swimming pool, restaurants as well as other facilities constructed for tourist’s convenience.
Opened to the public in 1980 , the garden was named “ Suan Nong Nooch ” in honor of Mrs. Nongnooch, as the word “Suan” means garden. In addition to continuing on her life’s work of the garden, Mrs. Noongnooch spends her time between Bangkok and the orchard in Chieng-rai as well as Nong Nooch camping resort in Prachinburi province, which made its debut in 2001. In order to maintain the gardens, management was than handed over to her son, Mr. Kampon Tansacha.

Presently, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Resort is well known to those who want to take in an impressive Thai Cultural Show and find the biggest and most beautiful botanical garden in Southeast Asia. More than 2,000 visitors from around the world visit our garden daily for their enjoyment. At Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, we’re always developing and improving the beautification process in order for the garden to look as it does today. Nong Nooch garden is also dedicated to education, preservation, research as well as the conservation of its vast palm collection and other tropical plants.
Since its debut as a tourist attraction, fascinating Thai Culture and traditional dances are presented daily in the theater within the garden compound. Besides the traditional shows, visitors will have an opportunity to see other performances such as religious ceremonies, martial arts, and The Elephant Show – one of the most popular attractions here. The shows are presented 3 or 4 rounds daily featuring elephants with special skills in playing football, dancing, and even interacting with tourists!!! Come ride on elephants, sightsee the garden via mini bus or relax in our lake on a pedal boat. Savor the taste of Thailand and other “Western” style food and beverages at any of our two restaurants Plubplung and Wivat kitchen. A mini bus service is available to those who want to rush back to Pattaya. To make your visit at the Nong Nooch Garden a memorable one, overnight accommodation is also available. Enjoy the “ Paradise ” by day and gaze the “ Starry ” sky by night – it’s an experience you’ll never forget.



Mae Wong National Park


I was riding around yesterday trying to go to some places that I hadn’t been to yet. I rode to Khlong Lan which is about 25Km or so from the house. Since I had turned right before the times I went to town I thought Id turn left and ride a bit. I was riding for about 15 minutes or so and this came into view. Nice I thought, I’ll take a photo.

After I took the photo I kept riding a bit further and came to a road block. Stretched across the highway was one of those weighted arms that can be raised and lowered and off to the side was a small building. As it turned out it was the entrance into Mae Wong National Park. Looks like that photo I took of that small mountain was going to be my destination.

So I’m thinking, this is strange because you have to pay to go into the National park, however there are still towns further down the road. Wonder if you have to pay to go home. I thought this might be fun. I turned around, went back to the house and got Choa. We were off to see the park.

We get back to the entrance and pay the fees, 200B farang, 40B Thai. Surprise Surprise, right.

We ride for what seems like 15 minutes or so and all we saw was a winding road between a heavily wooded area. As it turned out it was another 6Km to the real entrance to the park. The attendants asked us to check in with the people at the information building, so we did. Looking around the grounds I saw that they had bungalows for rent, camping areas and picnic grounds. If you walk down though the picnic area you come to what appears to be the tail end of a rapid.

We got back on the bike and continued up the side of the mountain. We rode and rode and rode. Nice scenery but I was expecting more. I didn’t think we were ever going to get to anything. Ah, a sign. 12Km to something. I’m thinking that must be it. Well it was something; it was a view point but not the main area. Took a few photos and was deciding what to do next. Another sign, 12Km to ???. Off we go. Choa couldn’t read the sign it was so weather worn.

Now the further up we went the better the road got. This went on for the next 8 or 9Km. Now were are there, I thought! There was an information booth, toilets and restaurant, all vacant and closed. The view really is nice and you can see the clouds hanging over the mountain tops.

We walked up to the highest view point and took some photos. We looked past the building and I couldn’t believe it, the road continued. Not today I thought. It was getting late. It was about 3:30 now and it had taken us almost 2 hours past the entrance to get to this point. If we went further it would be dark long before we got back. Think not

We start to head back down the mountain and all was going well till I looked at the gas gauge. It was full when we started. A little over ¼ tank now. Oops. So now for the next hour or so we are coasting downhill and only starting the bike when we had to go uphill. Fun fun, what fun we are having.

While heading back down we had to yield the road once and I had no problem with that.

Just before he got to the side of the road he turned, lifted his head and expanded both sides of his face. It was a Cobra. Then he headed off to the underbrush.

We are almost back to the entrance now and I noticed a sign I missed when we were getting started. Kaeng Pa Nang Koy Rapids. So we headed down the washed out mud road to the banks of the rapid.

A few photos there and we were off to find a gas station. By the time we got back to Khlong Lan I could smell the fumes. We just made it.

Over all I had a good time but it wasn’t really what I was expecting. Not sure what that was but that wasn’t it. I found out later that the rapids are from a couple of waterfalls. If you wanted to spend almost a day, on foot, you can hike to them and you have to have a park guide. I pass. However, I will go back later and pick up where we left off when we reached the top. Going to head down the other side and see what happens.





On Monday Choa and I went to Kam Phaeng Phet, the closest large town to us, so I could try and find a pharmacy that carries the medicine that I use. While we were there he took me by a Wat because he wanted to visit. I was a bit amazed at what I saw.  He explained the history to me but I was having a real hard time understanding so I Googled it.  We had access only to the outside areas since they were working on the roads and pathways inside the grounds.  Just my luck but I will go back.

Wat Phra That

“The ruins of Wat Phra That, the town’s second most important wat, are opposite the museum. The bell shape of the central chedi on a square base are indicative of Singhalese influence – the strict form of Buddhism still practiced in Sri Lanka today was very prevalent in Thailand when the chedi was built. It is surrounded by columns and held a relic, the whereabouts of which is unknown. All that remains of the wiharn are the foundations and some parts of square pillars.”

As you enter from one of the secondary roads you come to a small alter and shrine area. There were three different shrines here and people were praying at each one of them

This particular shire was a bit different. On the back wall, which looked like marble, were peoples names and Baht amounts next to each one. Apparently these are people who have donated to building the shrine. For some reason I found the strange.

There is a nice sitting area in the center of the shrines with paths leading off to the interior of the grounds.. This was the part that was blocked off. All of the rest of the photos I had to take from the street across the road. Construction, construction.

Without a doubt I will go back. The grounds are quite large and there is so much more to see.




Khlong Lan National Park Waterfall

Stewart, Choa and myself headed up to Khlong Lan this weekend to take up a bunch of junk up to the house. While we were there we decided to take a trip up to one of the natural parks up there. The one we chose was the Khlong Lan Waterfall. As you can tell the park is heavily wooded and lush. The only drawback is that the light was so low it was had to get real clear pics but I tried..

As you enter the park you can see the flow of the water after it leaves the fall.

Once you reach the parking area you start the climb up to the waterfall

After you have stood there and gotten a little wet from the spray you can head back down again.. We got there on Sunday around noon so the park was full of families out for a picnic.. Unfortunately the light was low and pics didn’t come out too well.

Hope you enjoy




A Little About Khlong Lan Waterfall

Klong Lan national park is located in Klong Lan district and main town area of Kamphaeng Phet province. Klong Lan is a large forest complex in the province, containing watershed for many fields of Mae Ping river and streams. The 300 square kilometers park was designated a national park on the 25th December, 1982 as the 44th national park of Thailand.

The park is rugged and hilly, and is covered by fertile forest. Each mountain connects to Khun Klong Lan, the highest point 1,439 meters above sea level. The weather is pleasant all year round on the hills.

Teak, Shorea obtusa, Shorea siamensis, Pterocarpus macrocarpus and bamboo are the dominant tree species. Common wildlife are sambar deer, barking deer, wild pig, macaque, squirrel and birds.

Tourist attractions

Klong Lan waterfall: Waters from many streams drop over the 100 meters high cliff, which is 40 meters wide. It is one of the most beautiful falls in Kampaeng Phet province.

Klong Nam Lai or Pang Kwai waterfall: It is located 25 km from the headquarters. Out of total 9 levels, the pool at the 3rd level is good for swimming.

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