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There Is a Party at My House

There is a party at my house tonight to celebrate the regional Volleyball championship..

Actually its just an excuse for Choa to throw a party ( at my expense) 🙂  You should hear the “Ghetto Blasters” he has on the patio.

If I get to bed at a decent hour it will be a miracle.  Wish me luck




Stuff I Never Got Around to Posting: Ting Tong Party – July 2008

Stuff I Never Got Around To Posting : TingTong Appreciation Part July 2008

Oogleman (Paul) wanted to host an appreciation part for the members of and to say “Thank You” to all the members who contributed to the various fund raisers that were held for Thais4Life. An open bar and a finger food buffet was provided. The night was very enjoyable and loads of fun. It was decided to have it at TwoGuys Guest House on Soi Yensabai just off Soi VC.

Oogleman had scheduled a little show with Monty’s Cabaret. They took over the thai restaurant across the street and used that for the stage. Needless to say Monty was there directing the entire event

After the show people sat around socializing, drinking and eating and just having an all around good time.

Oogleman had bought a bunch of prizes for a Lucky Draw event . I don’t recall exactly how much was raised that night but I believe it was around 6 or 7000Baht. This money was given to the winner of the last Lucky Draw Ticket.

Here is the winner of the cash prize. The young man in the dark green shirt.

It was a fun night but as I found out the next morning, since I left about 10:30PM, that the party lasted way past midnight and got quite wild. Can’t believe they didn’t call me.


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Buddha Day for Children

There was a Buddha event the other day at the Wat. What Choa tells me is that once a year the children dress up and give food to Buddha. I believe it is the end of the Buddha Lent. Here are a few pics.



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