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Update From The Hospital

I went back for a followup today and it all looks good.  Dr dropped the medication from 6 tablets a day to 1 and that is just for one month.  I am pleased with the outcome.

Thanks all for the good wishes


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It has been an interesting week. On Tuesday I started feeling a bit flush and dizzy so I decided to go to the doctor to see what was wrong. He said I had a rapid heart rate and needed to go to the hospital for an EKG.  This is what I did and sure enough I did have a rapid heart rate.  He gave me some medication and told me to rest for 30 minutes to see if the rate decreased.  It did and I was feeling OK.

After I got back home I decided to go to Pattaya and speak with a specialist so an appointment was made for Friday AM.  When I got there they did another EKG and saw that the rate was 140.  Normal is around 60.  When they saw this they wheeled me into a treatment room to give me an injection to slow down the rate.  It did, but only by 10 points. Since that did not really work an angiogram was done. No blockage was found. 

Now, not that I am concerned and worried at this point, they wanted give my heart a shock treatment so the rate would drop back down close to normal.  I agreed and they put me to sleep for just a short spell, maybe 10 minutes, and preformed the procedure.  That brought the heart rate down to 70 so it worked.  I stayed in Cardiac Critical Care for the afternoon and then transferred to regular room in the afternoon and night so that I could be monitored.  I was released the next morning with a weeks worth of medication and will do a followup this coming Thursday.

Stressful Week To Say The Least

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What A Way To Wake Up

I woke up this morning to the sounds of men yelling as they were trying to guide large trucks into a parking area.  The only consolation was at least they did not have whistles.  As it turns out they were going to load both trucks up with tons and I mean tons of tiles the condo building I live in has in storage. This turned out to be quite an undertaking because by the time they had finished both trucks were full.  On guy decided to make an arpron so he would not ruin his clothes.  I saw him cutting up the material but I have no idea at all where he got the gold lame’.   He looked just stunning I must say.  🙂

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Salt & Pepper Restaurant

Salt & Pepper is a unique little restaurant in the fact that the owners Mr Z. and his wife Tai really care that you are pleased with your meal. They offer at moderate prices both Thai and Western style food.   S&P is open air and  located in Soi Day/Night across the street from Grottinos and Bordeaux restaurants. Because of the location is a great place to sit and relax and watch the traffic go by. You get a nice stream of people going and coming from Tukcom.  A nice feature is that they have many floor fans in case  you need them and is actually very comfortable for not having any air conditioning.  Prices range from about 40baht for some of the soups to 199B for salmon steak.  Most Thai meals are in the 60-80 baht range.  Another nice thing is that the drink prices are very reasonable also.  You will not be paying 30baht or more for water and soft drinks are in the 20 baht range.  I am there quite often for lunch but don’t let that stop you from going.

Yes, a blatant plug but I really like this place and you probably would too


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The Still Of The Day

This last week I have been going to Jomtien beach a lot just so I get out of  my room for awhile.  I seem to be spending way to much time doing nothing.  Sad to say but the beach area is very quiet.  When there are plenty of parking spaces for motorbikes and cars  you know it is slow.  There is very little foot traffic on the walkways and most of the chair vendors are almost empty. Roaming vendor numbers are down too so at least you are not constantly bothered by DVD, sunglasses,cap and bedspread peddlers.   Massage boys are still around and that is good thing, at least for me.  An hour massage is 300 baht and very enjoyable while sitting there enjoying what scenery is there.


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Now I Understand

Choa and I were riding down Jomtien Beach Road in Pattaya the other day and I noticed that there was a low tide.  I asked Choa where did all the water go because it was not close to the beach chairs.  He looked at me and smirked “because fish drink all the water”.  I chuckled and had to ask how does the water get back on the beach.  Another smirk  ” Fish Pee Pee because drink too much water”.  Now I understand how tides work  🙂

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Hope They Can Find The Problem

My internet provider has been trying to find out why I am not getting a good or stable connection.  They have concluded that it has to be a wiring problem.  Does anyone have an idea why the repairmen from the internet company can not seem to locate my wiring problem.


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