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There Is a Party at My House

There is a party at my house tonight to celebrate the regional Volleyball championship..

Actually its just an excuse for Choa to throw a party ( at my expense) 🙂  You should hear the “Ghetto Blasters” he has on the patio.

If I get to bed at a decent hour it will be a miracle.  Wish me luck




Stuff I Never Got Around to Posting: Thais4Life Part

Stuff I Never Got Around to Posting: Thais4Life Fundraiser October 2007

On Monday October 15th, 2007 held a presentation party to present Thais4Life with 20,000 Baht that had been donated by members of the forum. It was also a fund raiser as well. By the end of the night Thais4Life received 33,000 Baht. A good job done by everyone. The event took place at Oscars in Boyztown. David is a fun loving and excellent host.

In the first photo Bank in the foreground and Doug behind.. About 4 months after the party Bank was headed off for the army. He looked a little different the next time I saw him

Buck and Wally

Doug with Stewart’s BF Cho

Oops, got caught with another man.. BF will be angry with me.

But he got over it.

Its time for the show. They had a drag song or two and the a dance contest among the wait staff at Oscars. I believe the winner received 5000B

Lots of fun that night – The Hosts

Paul – Oogleman

David – Oscars


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